DBSA Graduate Trainee Programme 2024 (Marketing, Human Capital, Audit, Finance & Legal)

Job Summary

The Development Bank of Southern Africa (DBSA) is recruiting for the 2024 Graduate Trainee Programme (Marketing, Human Capital, Audit, Finance & Legal).

Closing date: 15 February 2024

Reference NumberDBS240206-1
Job TitleGraduate Trainee (Marketing, Human Capital, Audit, Finance & Legal)
Job Type ClassificationContract

Location: Midrand, Gauteng, South Africa

DBSA is offering a sizable and unique opportunity for graduates to start their careers. The programme offers mentorship, collaboration, professional growth, and meaningful work opportunities.

Job Purpose

The purpose of this job is to fulfil the Learning & Development mandate of:

· Sourcing and creating a pool of candidates that have qualifications that are aligned with the critical and scarce skills that are crucial to the Bank.

· Filling entry level positions that are vacant within the business. · Talent management strategy for management development which enables succession planning.

· The Graduate Trainee will be expected to participate in a formal learning programme and on-the-job training to develop and expand their professional and personal competencies in their chosen career path.

About the DBSA

The Development Bank of Southern Africa is a development finance institution wholly owned by the Government of South Africa.

It is a government-owned development finance institution, established in 1983, with the mandate to promote economic growth as well as regional integration for sustainable development projects and programmes in South Africa, SADC and the wider Sub Saharan Africa.

Come and join the dynamic team committed to driving positive change and creating a brighter future for Africa.

Key Responsibilities

1. DBSA Graduate Programme – General
· Participate in all engagements required during of the Young Talent programme as determined and scheduled by the leadership team.
· Contribute, participate and deliver on projects as determined by line management and the Young Talent programme.

· Attend and actively participate in all scheduled training as part of the Young Talent programme and/or learning and development initiatives deemed necessary to advance your knowledge/skills (in conjunction with your line manager).
· Participate in any campus activation/career fairs/presentations to promote the DBSA graduate programme.
· Contribute to continuous evaluation and improvement of the Young Talent programme by identifying areas of improvement and success factors which can be harnessed.

2. Skills Development and Training
· Undertake all aspects of task planning, delivery and execution.
· Clarify learning outcomes at the beginning of each assignment.
· Deliver assigned work to the required standard of execution and expected quality, as set out by the line manager.
· Meet task/project deadlines set by line management and take full accountability for delivery against established business goals / objectives

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· Communicate effectively within all identified stakeholders.
· Provide regular progress update to the line manager on assigned tasks/projects.
· Solicit regular feedback on outputs, performance and progress during the programme.
· Keep up to date with new developments in the assigned environment through research and make recommendations to management on where and how new technologies and methodologies can be applied.

· Present learnings to key role players in a structured and articulate approach at the end of each assignment during the course of the programme or at predetermined intervals.
· Develop an individual performance plan with input from line manager to monitor and review learning progress and form part of the formal performance appraisal discussions.
· Engage proactively with assigned Mentor to develop a mutually beneficial relationship.

Key Internal Liaison Relationships

1. Head: Learning & Development
2. Graduate & YT Programmes Consultant
3. Line manager
4. Team members
5. Mentors
6. HCBP’s
7. All DBSA employees

Key External Liaison Relationships

1. Universities & Career Services
2. External Service Providers
3. Professional memberships (if applicable)

Minimum Qualifications

  • 1. An undergraduate or postgraduate qualification (i.e. Bachelor’s, Honour’s and/or Masters Degree) and not be furthering their studies in 2024.
  • 2. No work experience required or a maximum of 6 months experience. 

  • 3. Must be a South African citizen.
  • 4. Academic record with a cumulative average of 65%+ over final year of study.
  • 5. Completion of a degree at a South African University or NQF-level aligned and recognised.


2.1. Written Communication

  • a) Writes clearly and concisely simple work-related documents.
  • b) Expresses simple ideas clearly in writing.

2.2. Verbal Communication

  • a) Able to explain procedures, or familiar concepts, adapting the words or explanation to suit the person or the situation.
  • b) Fluent in speaking and communicating in the English language
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2.3. Computer Literacy

  • a) Is aware of the organisation policies related to use of computers, and other technology.
  • b) Consistently uses relevant MS office software products such as word-processing, spreadsheet, presentation, and email packages to an acceptable standard for the job.

  • c) Generally, knows how to use and maintain own office / workplace equipment.
  • d) Demonstrates basic skills in the use of one or more software tools, as applicable to business unit needs.

2.4. Presentation Skills

  • a) Is able to communicate simple facts in a clear and precise manner by arranging facts in a logical manner.
  • b) Demonstrates the ability to solicit and value the interest and opinions of the audience.

2.5. Planning and Organising

  • a) Plans his or her daily work effectively; area; needs more application experience or practice if the required planning is more extensive.
  • b) Independently plans and organises own routine work.

2.6. Solution Focused

  • a) Identifies standard problems based on a range of factors, most of which are clear.
  • b) Identifies alternate solutions, considering applicable precedents

2.7. Detail Orientation

  • a) Identifies main concepts and ideas when reading simple, straightforward documents.
  • b) Reviews own work for accuracy and completeness.                    
  • c) Spots inconsistencies or discrepancies that indicate problem with quality of work. 
  • d) Verifies assumptions and information before accepting the solutions, considering applicable precedents.

Personal Attributes


1.1. Achievement Orientation

a) Delivers work on time and is of great quality; follows through on agreed commitments.

b) Views new work experiences as an opportunity for growth.

c) Reacts immediately to overcome setbacks or/and obstacles to meet goals.

d) Recognises and acts upon current opportunities.

e) Focuses on new or more effective ways of improving own work and meeting targets.

f) Aims at exceptional performance; setting out to achieve a unique standard.

1.2. Analytical & Innovative Thinking

a) Understanding a situation, issue, problem, etc. by breaking it into smaller pieces, or tracing the implications of a situation in a step-by-step way.

b) Is able to identify the cause-and-effect relationship between two aspects of a situation.

c) Applies learning from previous situations and experiences.

d) Experiments with new approaches, tests scenarios, questions assumptions and challenges conventional thinking

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e) Has the ability to identify gaps for new ways of doing things.

1.3. Attention to Detail

a) Follows established guidelines, processes and policies when doing the work.

b) Double-checks the accuracy of information or work.

c) Ensures that the work produced doesn’t contain any errors.

1.4. Conceptual Thinking

a) When looking at information, sees patterns, trends, or missing pieces.

b) Notices when a current situation is similar or dissimilar to a past situation and identifies the similarities and/or differences.

c) Uses knowledge of theory or of different past situations to look at current situations.

d) Applies learned concepts across various situations.

e) Makes ideas or situations clear, simple, and/or understandable to others.

f) Assembles ideas, issues, and observations into a clear and useful explanation.

1.5. Flexibility & Agility

a) Declares that he/she is willing to change ideas, perceptions or procedures based on new information

b) Changes his/her perception, ideas or alters normal procedures to fit a specific situation to get a job done and/or meet company goals

c) Decides how to do something based on the situation. 

1.6. Information seeking & Analysis

a) Asks direct questions to people who are directly involved in a situation/issue.

b) Uses available information

c) Breaks down problems into simple lists of tasks or activities.

1.7. Teamwork & Co-operation

a) Is considered a “team player,” putting team objectives ahead of one’s personal agenda when working within a group setting.

b) Values and utilises the expertise of colleagues, asking for ideas and input and collaborates to form decisions and plans.

c) Willingly learns from others.

d) Has customer service orientation in delivery of outcomes

e) Recognises and/or uses the formal structure or hierarchy of an organisation (internal & external).

f) Understands chain of command, positional power, rules and regulations, policies and procedures, etc.

How to Apply

To apply for the Graduate Programme, submit your application by the deadline. Use the link below to access the DBSA careers portal for this opportunity.


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