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South African Special Forces Recruitment Intake 2024

The South African Special Forces will be recruiting new members from next month, with a recruitment drive covering most of the country.

What are the requirements for South African Special Forces?

Only Regular and Reserve Force (including MSDS) members are allowed to apply (and not the general public), the South African National Defence Force (SANDF) announced.

Other requirements include being between 18 and 26 years of age; having no criminal record; a medical classification of G1K1 Green; and not being area bound.

Applicants must have Grade 12 minimum, and those with tertiary qualifications must attach proof of such to their applications.

Where is the recruitment going on?

The recruitment drive will kick off on 04 – 05 March 2024 at the SA Army Gymnasium in Gauteng. This will be followed by 21 SA Infantry Battalion also in Gauteng on 06 March.

07 – 08 March May will see recruitment taking place at the Thaba Tshwane Sports Ground. From 11 – 12 March the recruitment will take place at the Wonderboom Military Base.

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For the month of April, the recruitment will be in KwaZulu-Natal, Mpumalanga and the Eastern Cape, before moving to other provinces. It will wind down in the Northern Cape in June 2024. We have attached the recruitment calendar at the bottom of this post.

Are you ready to rise above?

The SANDF said it is looking for recruits able to spend extensive periods away from home, and with great mental and physical strength as well as willpower and patriotism for the Republic of South Africa.

Think you’ve got the grit, the guts, and the determination to push yourself beyond limits? The SA Special Forces 2024 recruitment drive is calling, and it’s searching for exceptional young South Africans like YOU!

This isn’t your average career path. This is about testing your mettle, pushing your physical and mental boundaries, and becoming part of an elite brotherhood that defends our nation’s interests.

Do you crave adventure? Imagine scaling mountains at dawn, navigating dense jungles at dusk, and mastering advanced combat skills. The Special Forces life is never dull, always demanding, and ultimately, incredibly rewarding.

But it’s not for the faint of heart. The pre-selection process is rigorous, designed to identify those with unwavering resolve, exceptional fitness, and the mental fortitude to thrive under pressure.

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Don’t just dream of being a hero. Become one. Answer the call, step up to the pre-selection challenge, and see if you have what it takes to join the ranks of the SA Special Forces. South Africa needs its best. Are you ready to answer?

Remember: Only the toughest, the bravest, and the most determined make it through. Are YOU one of them?

For enquiries, contact Captain E N Malukeka on 012 674 5520.

Pre-selection dates and venues


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