Apply for the Momentum Velocity Club Internship 2024

Job Summary

Metropolitan and Momentum invite applications for the Momentum Velocity Club Internship opportunity.

Closing date: 18 February 2024

Reference NumberMMH240208-1
Job TitleVelocity Club Intern
Position TypeTemporary
Role FamilyOperations
ClusterMomentum Life

Location: Centurion, Gauteng

About Momentum Velocity Club

Momentum Velocity Club is a new generation advice practice that prides itself on simplifying financial planning through the support of a passionate team of money obsessed individuals.

The role sets to provide you with a unique opportunity to learn critical relationship management skills, sales skills as well as financial planning product knowledge. The program will be conducted through an engaged on the job training process.

At the end of the internship, you will be equipped with the expert knowledge and skills needed to build yourself up for a successful career within the financial services industry.

We’re a team of financial experts that assist people in making smarter financial decisions, improving their relationship with money, and empowering them to plan for their financial success.

Job Description

Through establishing long-term relationships, the financial consultant is the main client relationship manager for our professional client segment. They assist clients by helping them better understand where they spend their money and how to plan towards achieving their goals.

In line with Momentum Velocity Club’s Financial Wellness philosophy, this role aims to create wealth for our clients by delivering an excellent client experience through continuous engagement on their financial needs and product solutions in a tangible and relevant way.

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The financial consultant will be highly collaborative with Velocity Club’s experienced team of financial planners, who will be responsible for providing clients with the best-of-breed advice recommendations.

This includes life insurance, risk and savings products, investment, retirement, and health.

About the Internship

We are looking for someone who will act as a brand ambassador for Momentum Velocity club:

  • Build a strong brand for Velocity Club by having a strong trustworthy relationship with
  • Help people by creating a safe and non-judgmental relationship where clients feel guided and
  • Listen and connect deeply with clients and let them “feel” heard
  • Encourage clients to sign-up for Momentum Velocity Club’s subscription.
  • Encourage clients to implement the product recommendations made in their financial plans.
  • Be a client advocate towards their financial goals through establishing and guiding the client to understand their


  • 3-year business-related university degree (required)
  • 3-5 years career working experience in sales / financial services environment (Required)
  • Experience in financial planning and sales environments with a proven track record in client acquisition and retention (required)
  • Knowledge of insurance, investment, risk, or health management related products (advantageous)
  • Aspire for growing towards financial advice and become advice accredited as required by the business over time

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Create and maintain Velocity Club’s client growth and engagement through continuous support and guidance!
  • Engage with stakeholders in a client centric manner, improving client growth, engagement and
  • Drive the achievement of growth and engagement targets to increase the acquisition of new engaged clients and to retain existing engaged
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  • Engage with prospective clients to highlight the features and benefits of Velocity Club’s holistic but executable financial plan based on the client’s financial and life
  • Using coaching skills, establish & foster productive, professional, and enabling relationships with clients to manage and enhance the value of all
  • Employ a coaching approach to facilitate the client relationship and to effectively extract the client’s life

  • Ensure the holistic Velocity Club philosophy and house view is embedded with the
  • Capture client information (financial and goals), relevant actions and sales on the systems
  • Complete all administrative requirements to ensure smooth execution of client’s decisions and choices.
  • Gather sufficient and relevant information to assist the Velocity Club Advice Hub in providing clients with holistic financial planning to reach their life goals.

  • Communicate and present the financial plan prepared by the Velocity Club Advice Hub, to the
  • Assist Velocity Club to unlock value by ensuring that each client has a financial plan and
  • Offer an excellent client experience and frequent engagement activities with clients
  • Ensure day to day engagements with clients to ensure that all queries and requests are answered, actioned and
  • Hold clients accountable to their goals and commitments through regular

  • Network across various face to face and digital platforms to establish and build new
  • Participate and contribute to a culture which builds sustainable relationships, facilitates feedback, and provides a safe environment for
  • Develop and maintain productive and collaborative working relationships with peers and
  • Continuously developing own expertise in terms of professional, industry and legislation knowledge
  • Contribute to the teams’ continuous innovation through the development, sharing and implementation of new ideas
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  • Take ownership for driving own career development, regulatory adherence and
  • Manage financial and other company resources under your control with due
  • Adhere to business and industry rules and
  • Understand and possess knowledge of Franchise: advice, engagement and product
  • Ensure proficiency on all solutions and
  • Successful implementation and continuous review in line with regulatory requirement


  • Understand financial concepts and assist clients to understand
  • Understands how the business operates, what the key issues and risks are that drive business success; and how they impact on the commercial viability of potential ventures and the profitability of the
  • Anticipates, meets, and exceeds client’s needs by creating long lasting relationships that support the client value proposition, supports their financial wellness and ensures client

  • Drive a sense of urgency, focus, accountability, agility, and execution to deliver business
  • Actively leads change, does what is right for the business and drives continuous improvement through
  • Creates and maintains an open, positive working environment by generating commitment, building trust, a shared sense of purpose, and empowerment in others and encouraging them to contribute to the best of their

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